Gross National Happiness 2014!

Here we come!  The Happiness Conference in Vermont!

HIPinthe253 (The Happiness Initiative Project in area code 253) Meets the GNH to Redefine What Matters – Chiara Wood and Kate Stirling

       How do we rally our local communities around this global movement to create an economy grounded in measuring what really matters? Our workshop offers three vignettes to engage us in role-playing different presentations we can then modify for use in our own communities. These vignettes are designed to enlighten, educate, entertain and enlist local support for our various projects.            

    The vignettes are built around these key ideas and research findings: 1) What contributes to our happiness and well-being?, 2) How does GDP deviate from measuring happiness and well-being?, 3) How does the US happiness and well-being rank against other countries? We offer strategies geared to different audiences (from youth to the local Chamber of Commerce) and a variety of methods (from data to movie clips).

     If you are already familiar with this material, our workshop will help you refresh and encapsulate it to work with your community. If this is new material, we trust you’ll come away inspired by what it offers. We will also include a segment on the challenges of building a local coalition, so that workshop participants can share their own experiences and concerns. 

More stuff does not make us happier: Where economists have it wrong.


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  My guess is that many readers would agree that economists have it wrong in many areas, and perhaps top on the list of those errors is economists’ assumption that the more and more “stuff” we have, the happier we … Continue reading